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Calendar of festive events devoted to the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk

January 2003
New Year's reception of the Head of the Republic of Karelia and the Head of self-government of Petrozavodsk. Start to the year of the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk
3 Solemn ceremony "The laureate of the year of the city of Petrozavodsk"
6 Solemn ceremony "The laureate of the year of the Republic of Karelia"
18-23 International winter festival "Legends of Onego"
February 28 -
March 2
Second International children's musical and theatre festival "Golden keys"
February 28 -
April 9
International marathon "Kalevala mosaic"
7 City soiree "Women in the history of Petrozavodsk"
14-16 International jazz-music festival "All stars in Petrozavodsk"
15 Charitable ball in the Main hall of the Philarmonic Society "The first ball of Natasha Rostova"
21-23 Republican competition of young performers playing national musical instruments "Your hopes, Peter's city"
"Dedication to Peter's cities" (performances of soloists and chorus of the State chapel of Saint Petersburg)
10-13 Competition "Teacher of the year"
15 Opening of the museum exposition in the Karelian state museum of local lore, history and economy "From the large village to the city". Presentation of the book of "Antiquity of Petrozavodsk"
15 Solemn opening of the Hall of Nobiliary assembly of the Karelian state museum of local lore, history and economy after reconstruction
15 The international festival of modern folk music "Folk marathon" "Vivat, Petrozavodsk"
23 IIIrd Republican competition "Book of the year of the Republic of Karelia"
25-28 VIth All-Russian festival "Meeting with the national song"
26-27 The international tournament on sports ball dance "Rythm-2003"
27-28 IIIrd Republican children's Academy of arts "Northern muses" (at participation of teachers from Saint Petersburg). City open competition of young composers
9 Youth march of memory
12-21 Days of Sweden in the Republic of Karelia
23-25 Days of Festival of the Russian cinema "Window to Europe" in Petrozavodsk
24 Day of slavic writing and culture in Petrozavodsk "Slavic rockets"
Republic of Karelia - to the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk
5-7 V International folk music festival "Kantele".
6-10 International craftsmanship festival.
6-28 Cycle of author's and thematic exhibitions of masters of Karelia and Northwest of Russia "Interlacing of times and traditions".
7 Ceremonial meeting and concert of masters of the arts, our fellow countrymen "The heart of mine remained here forever".
7 Presentation of the premium of the Head of the Republic of Karelia "Sampo" to figures of literature and art for achievements in the field of professional skills.
8 Solemn ceremony of placing wreaths and flowers on the memorial complex "Eternal Flame" in the Day of the Republic of Karelia.
8-9 IInd International festival "Kalakunda".
June 1 -
July 20
Summer festival "Accord of the midnight sun":
June 1 -
July 20
"Karelian Kruuga" (districts of the republic - to the anniversary of the capital).
1 City festival of children's creativity "Clear childhood".
14-15 International ball dance festival of twin cities and the Union of cities of Northwest.
21 Holiday of graduates "Petrozavodsk, the city calling in tomorrow!"
21-22 Choral festival "I sing of you, Peter creation".
25-30 International festival of wooden sailing ships "Blue Onego".
21-22 Day of Memory "In memories of yours forever, Petrozavodsk...":
21-22 The charitable action for veterans of war of Petrozavodsk "With love and gratitude".
22 Solemn ceremony of opening of the monument to partisans and members of conspiracy organisations.
22 Ceremony of placing wreaths and flowers on the memorial complex "Eternal Flame".
20-28 The international project "The train of culture" on the route: Archangelsk - Byelomorsk - Kostomuksha - Kuhmo - Oulu - Nurmes - Suojarvi - Petrozavodsk.
24 Solemn opening of the National Theatre of the RK after the reconstruction.
25 Ceremony of opening of the second part of the quay of Onego Lake.
25-29 International seminar "New methods of information technologies for serving the city".
26-29 The project "The renewed history of Governor's park".
26-29 Historical exposition in the open-air of the Onega tractor plant "Continuation of famous traditions".
27 Presentation of the Hall of Nobiliary assembly of the Karelian state museum of local lore, history and economy.
28 Opening of the Governor's park after the reconstruction.
28 Opening of the monument to G.R.Derzhavin, the first governor of Olonetsky province (sculptors V.Sojni, E.Kuldavletov).
28 Presentation of G.R.Derzhavin's literary award.
28 Mass historical action "Time crowns the trace..."
28 Competition of historical suits "We thank the gallant century".
28 The patriotic action "Flame of Memory":
Memorial complex "Eternal Flame".
Youth march "We are your memory and your continuation":
Memorial complex "The black tulip", the memorial to the soldiers lost in the Chechen Republic, the memorial "Avenue of Heroes", the memorial " Eternal Flame".
27 Holiday of opening of the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk "Vivat, Petrozavodsk!":
27 Placing wreaths on the memorial of Peter I.
27 Solemn assembly.
27 Consecration of Church in the Name of Sacred Apostle John the Divine on Krupskaya street.
27 Celebratory concert at Musical theatre (with installation of light-emitting diode screens on Kirov Square for direct translation). A concert marathon "We are 300" (on different stages of the city).
27-28 Arrival of "Train of culture". Performance of creative collectives of Finland, Archangelsk, and Karelia on the stages of the city.
28 The great celebratory presentation "Brought to life by Peter's will! " on Spartak stadium (creative association "Carnival-style", Moscow).
28 Celebratory procession "Kalevala carnival" with participation of the enterprises, creative collectives of the city, twin cities, the Union of cities of Northwest of Russia, Karelia. Opening of the sculpture of the city of Joensuu (Finland), within the framework of the exposition of the open-air museum of twin cities. Congratulations of friends (creative collectives from twin cities).
28 Exhibition of production of Petrozavodsk manufacturers "Big Peter's fair".
28-29 Enchantling spectacle on water.
28-29 Celebratory programs of the enterprises and the organizations of city. Holiday celebration of winners of city competition "The best by trade".
28-29 Youth promotion "Petrozavodsk, you will be young forever! ". Extreme-sport-show "Northern wind".
28 Ballet show under A.Liepa's direction (the stage on pontoons in the mouth of Lososinka River).
28 Competition of sculptures and compositions of sand "Petrozavodsk dunes".
28 Holiday of balloons "Cheerful balloonland".
28 "Literary rotunda" - the poetic declaration of love to Petrozavodsk from poetesses of Northwest.
28 Competition of the children's hand-written book "My ˝ity by dark blue Onego". Competitions of young singers, actors, artists, composers, and musicians.
28 Folklore action "Czar's road" on Kirov Square with decorating the space as the ship.
28 Holiday of closing of anniversary celebrations:
Concert of stars of the Russian stage.
Celebratory fireworks "Salute, Petrozavodsk!".
The first performance of Fridrich Bruk's symphony Karelia, devoted to the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk
Days of Saint Petersburg in the Republic of Karelia
July - August
July 20 -
August 1
The All-Russian sailing regatta of cruiser yachts "Onego-2003"
17-21 The international festival of chamber art in Kotomuksha - to the anniversary of Petrozavodsk
1 Holiday "City - to children" (under the separate plan)
6-9 IV Games of cities of Northwest and the Centre of Russia
15-18 Film festival "Cinematographers from the banks of Neva - to the city on Onego"
25-28 Days of Finland in the Republic of Karelia. The IIIrd International festival of visual culture (documentary, anthropological and ethnographic films)
International festival of chamber music "Gold rove"
3-6 International musical festival "Music. Youth. Hope."
13-18 International children's festival of piano music "Polar lights"
18-20 Scientific and practical conference "Petrozavodsk: history and the present"
24 Fair of youth initiatives "In the city of mine"
21 Open city tournament on sports ball dance "Crystal shoe"

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