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Program of basic events of celebrating the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk
on June, 27 - June, 29, 2003

June 27, Friday
9.00 Krupskaya street, settlement of Solomennoye Consecration of Candelmas Church
11.00 Memorial complex "The Black Tulip",
memorial to the soldiers lost in the Chechen Republic,
memorial "Avenue of Heroes",
memorial to soldiers, partisans and underground workers
The patriotic action "Flame of Memory"
12.00 Lenin Square Ceremony of placing flowers and wreaths on the memorial "Eternal Flame"
12.30 Park by Onego Tractor Plant "Continuation of glorious traditions" - celebration of workers of Onego Tractor Plant
13.30 Kalinin str.,1,
museum of Onego Tractor Plant
"History of the Plant is the History of the City" - opening of historical exposition
17.00 Musical theatre "Vivat, Petrozavodsk" - solemn assembly and celebratory concert
17.00 Kirov Square Concert marathon "We are 300"
22.00 Yunost Stadium Youth promotion "Petrozavodsk, you will be young forever!"
22.00 Recreation park "Stone Annals" - dramatized performance
23.00 Railway station Arrival of international "Train of culture" - solemn meeting
June 28, Saturday
08.00Mouth of Lososinka River "Petrozavodsk dunes" - opening of IVth city competition of sand sculptures, IIIrd city competition of balloon sculptures and compositions
10.00Yunost Stadium Extreme-sport-show "Northern wind"
10.00Quay of Onego Lake Placing wreaths on the memorial of Peter I, the founder of the city
10.00Krasnaya str., 8
Palace of creativity of children and youth
"Moscow - to anniversary of the city" - trade exhibition of production of Moscow commodity producers
10.30Quay of Onego Lake Solemn opening of the IInd turn of the Quay of Onego Lake.
"Sculptures as a gift to the city" (opening of gift sculptures from Leningrad Region and the city of Joensuu)
11.00Water area of Oneg Lake "The Sail of Hope" - sailing competitions
11.00Lenin Square, Lenin str.,
Kirov Square, K.Marx ave.
"Relation of times and generations" - celebratory parade on streets and squares of the city
12.00Kirov Square"Playing-city" - children's hiloday
12.00Quay of Onego Lake"Peter's masquerade" - historical sports entertaining program
12.00Glade on the crossroads of Lenin str. and Andropov str."Miracle fair" of national arts and crafts
12.00Quay of Onego Lake on the alignment of Lenin str."Petrozavodsk through the ages" - celebratory concert marathon with participation of collectives from twin-cities
13.00Governor's park"The history of Governor's park that came to life" - dramatized performance. Competition of historical costumes "We Thank the Gallant Century"
14.00Governor's parkOpening of the monument to G.R.Derzhavin, the first governor of Olonetsky province
14.00Quay of Onego Lake"Literary rotunda" - the poetic declaration of love to Petrozavodsk
14.00Recreation park, open-air stage"Binding Thread of Times" - art program of collectives of war and labor veterans
14.00Microdistricts of the city"Holiday on every street." Districts of Karelia - to microdistricts of Petrozavodsk: concerts and congratulations
16.00Yunost Stadium"I live in a glorious city!" - youth program
17.00K.Marx ave., National Theatresolemn opening of the IInd All-Russian festival of national culture
19.00Spartak stadium"Brought to life by Peter's will!" - the great celebratory presentation
20.00Russian Drama Theatre"Stone Annals" - dramatized performance
20.00Kirov Square"Miss Petrozavodsk - 2003" - contest show
23.00Quay of Onego Lake"Salute, Petrozavodsk!" - celebratory fireworks
June 29, Sunday
10.00Churches of PetrozavodskCelebratory divine services
14.00Concert platforms of the cityCelebratory programs of enterprises, organizations, art collectives of the city and visitors
14.00K.Marx ave., Petrozavodsk Puppet Theatre"Puppet Merrymaking," - street performance
14.00Recreation park"Onego Sword" - military and historical festival of Styag club
14.00Quay of Onego Lake"Peter's assembly" - the show program of Petroflot boat centre
15.00Microdistricts of the city"To you, Peter's city" - concerts of 'stars' of the Russian stage
16.00Russian Drama Theatre"Stone Annals" - dramatized performance
16.00Quay of Onego LakeAll-Russian festival of national culture
18.00Quay of Onego Lake"Petrozavodsk - forever!" - gala-concert
23.00Quay of Onego Lake"Salute, Petrozavodsk!" - celebratory fireworks

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Last Updated June 17, 2003
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